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Let's Build Nastee Chapel

We want to record and release master quality, radio friendly recordings of our original material. Folk music of the UK meets bluegrass and Americana with a sprinkling of prog rock and metal.


A master quality, 4 song EP showcasing our most popular tracks and building a foundation upon which Nastee Chapel can grow.

£2500 – Record a 4 EP song in studio, release digitally

£5000 - Record 8-10 song albu, release digitally


Nastee Chapel is a duo with roots in UK folk, bluegrass, and Americana and branches that draw inspiration from progressive rock, metal and classical music.

We are Natalie and Steve, singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. We tell stories that promote self-discovery and connection to others accompanied by acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, flute and tin whistle.

We started Nastee Chapel in 2019 in Hertfordshire and were all set for a summer of local gigs and festivals in 2020… That didn’t go as planned but we survived the plague and relocated to Cheshire, since then it’s been an exciting time.

We were keen to get back to sharing our music and decided to face the wind, rain and occasional heckling passer-by to busk regularly in Nantwich Town Centre and Market Drayton - this has been warmly received beyond our expectations and has seen us build a following.

We now play regular gigs around the North West, and we’ve been booked to make 2 appearances at Nantwich’s internationally acclaimed Words And Music Festival.

We’ve built up presences on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and our music is on Spotify and other streaming services.

In what are tough times for musicians to earn, we’ve worked tirelessly to make ourselves self-sufficient, playing our own gigs, accepting ‘function’ shows at which we major on our favorite cover versions, and adapting our performances and repertoire to different opportunities on offer.

Now we are ready to make the next step forward.


We want to release our original material to the world, and to make master quality, radio friendly recordings, which have so far been beyond our reach, but which would take us to another level.

We have met - and nurtured a relationship - with a noted producer who is keen to work with us and can secure us rock bottom rates at a top studio where many famous names record and where many successful albums have been made.

But we need to raise funds to make this happen.

We intend to maintain our independence rather than wait for a record deal, these are hard to come by at the moment and we don’t wish to have a label telling us what to wear, how to sound etc.

We are confident that we can build on our momentum, and make waves in securing both regional and national airplay and broadening our fan base, securing bigger festival bookings for 2023 and beyond.

We are ambitious but realistic. We know this won’t happen overnight but we are very hard workers, we are in for the long haul.

So now we need to raise a minimum of £2500.00

For this amount we can record a completely professional master quality EP and take the first steps in sharing our songs with the wider world.

Please, if you have heard us play and enjoyed our music, consider donating to our cause.

Many people over these last months have told us we deserve to be working at the highest level - now is a chance to help us make that happen. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


The moment when music really touches us doesn’t happen because you have a degree, or because you spent 2 straight hours practicing scales and exercises. It happens when you feel alone and heartbroken and you put on that sad song and allow the tears to flow, or when you stand by yourself in a crowd of strangers at a concert singing a song that you’ve previously only ever belted out into your shower head. It’s in those moments that you realize that we don’t endure anything alone, there is always someone who understands your pain or your joy. Music can connect you to that feeling without even uttering a word.

We create music to accompany us through life, to enrich the joy and soften the pain. A simple song can have a profound impact and we want to share that with as many people as we can.        

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