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We two bards do boldly decree

To shine a light on history

From the roots of pain, may we all rise,

Remember the forgotten, let go of the lies.

You seek for answers, but once you knew,

Music and art, the keys to guide you.

Nastee Chapel

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An acoustic folk duo performing innovative original music intertwined with traditional folk songs.

Go on a journey through darkness and light over a bridge of stories that connect us to the present by learning from the past.

Eccentric and heart-warming, this is music to connect and celebrate.

In 2023 they have supported bands such as The Trials of Cato and Merry Hell and played at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival, Nantwich Roots Festival, Words & Music Festival and more.

They have been frequently played on BBC Radio Shropshire on Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk music show.

Formed in 2019, the two core members of the band, NatalieGrace and Steve, have brought their love for traditional folk music and poured in ideas from their eclectic musical backgrounds to create an innovative sound that will tickle the tastebuds of music maestros and casual listeners alike as they walk the line between virtuoso skill and crowd-pleasing tunes.

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Nastee Chapel  is based on the border of Shropshire and Cheshire, UK

"Great catchy lyrics, superbly tight musicianship and a quirkiness that puts them head and shoulders above most of the music coming out of the UK folk scene right now."

Send Me Your Ears, Music Review 2022

"These guys are the real deal."

Nigel Stonier, music producer, 2023

"Their music is delicious, super...I am amazed by this woman's voice." Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire

Music Videos

Live Performances

Coverage of debut album
Lost & Found

Nastee Chapel’s “Lost and Found”: A Folk Odyssey of Self-Discovery

There are songs that entertain, and then there are songs that transport you to another realm. Nastee Chapel’s 10-track alternative folk album, “Lost and Found”, is firmly planted in the latter category.

With the gentle strumming of acoustic guitars, the haunting melodies of flutes, and soul-stirring vocals, this album is nothing short of a musical odyssey through the heart and soul.

Boys II Business

Nastee Chapel's "Lost & Found": A journey of Self-Discovery

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-exploration as Nastee Chapel unveils their latest masterpiece, "Lost & Found." This captivating album transcends time, bridging our ancient roots to the modern world, and in the process, it unveils hidden chapters of history, encouraging us to rise from the depths of our collective past.


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