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The Bucket

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Jethro Tull meets blazing bluegrass to tell a twisted tale of inequality through the veil of a nursery rhyme. That's how we are kicking off our debut single release. In spite of the weighty metaphors, the thumping beat and driving guitar pull you up onto your feet to stomp along. At least until the tempo change where any dissonance felt in slowing down and speeding up only adds to the swaying and slightly sickening sensation of a children's nursery rhyme gone awry. Have no fear for the darkness can't weigh you down for long in the presence of "brain-scratchingly good" instrumentals and tantalisingly tight harmonies.

Folk tales that have survived over the years never shy away from exposing the darkness that lurks in our lives, for by sharing in creativity with eachother we can process the difficult parts of life and uncover the joy within.

Purchase the track at to recieve a decorated lyrics sheet and enter a prize draw for more free gifts!

Also availible on Bandcamp

and on all major streaming platforms.

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Jonathan Starnes
Jonathan Starnes
May 27, 2022

This song and y’all’s style is beautiful and refreshing. i Can’t wait to see what is put out next. I’m glad I stumbled across y’all on TikTok. Good luck!

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